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The Dynamic ink range is famous for the quality of the Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink, which has been produced by Technical Tattoo Supplies as part of their range of dynamic inks, a range that was specifically developed to give a more intense and attractive colour on the skin. This is long lasting, and unlike some other blacks which often heal with a blue or purple tint this goes into the skin dark and it stays that way, not only that but it pushed into the skin smoothly and beautifully for the best possible effectives from your inks. This is available in either 1oz or 8oz bottles, so you can be sure that you have everything you need regardless of how much you’re planning to do with it.

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Availability: In stock
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Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink - 1oz
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Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink - 8oz
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There is a reason that Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink is a favourite among professional artists all around the world, and of course this serves as a testament to the quality the product is capable of providing. This particular selection gives you a fantastically intense shade of black to work with, providing a deep black colour even after healing and frequently named as one of the most effective black inks for lining and tribal designs to have ever been made. You won’t have to settle for some of those other blacks, which can heal with a blue or purple tint to their colouration; this goes on dark and it stays that way, offering the ideal solution for a variety of your needs, regardless of whether you aim to use it in lining, filling, shading or just about anything else you could imagine. This is of course part of the dynamic inks range produced by Technical Tattoo Supplies, specifically for the purpose of providing new, bolder and more vibrant colour on the skin than ever before, and this is certainly something that they have accomplished. This is not just a fantastic colour, but a fantastic ink, available in either 1oz or 8oz bottles you are sure to get the right amount for your particular needs, and this ink offers the ideal consistency, pushing into the skin smoothly and easily while providing something not too thick for lining work and yet not too thin for colour work.