Hawk Grip 25mm in Black


25m Cheyenne HAWK Spirit Grip in Black New HAWK model to add to the Cheyenne tattoo machine range. Limited edition colours ***Motor not included***

Why choose Hawk?

  • Ease of use Uncomplicated cleaning without autoclave
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Precise needle movement for accurate working and improved healing
  • Applicable for various skin types
  • Simple adjustment of puncture depth and needle speed
  • Rapid changing of cartridges
  • Very quiet and low in vibrations Ergonomic adjustment of the handle bar
  • Top-quality and technical innovation
  • Conventional power supply can be used 
  • Optionally: works with control unit PU II
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Tattoo artists love the HAWK as an absolutely reliable, sophisticated tool that lets their imagination and creativity fly free. And the HAWK has just gotten even better.  The HAWK spirit is the next generation of the popular classic: just as precise, safe, and clean. But now with a new, even more solid design. Even more reliable with less noise and vibration and now even more versatile thanks to a range new needle configurations. Why choose Hawk Spirit? Light and small relaxed work everywhere Ergonomic design like an extension of your hand. Two hand pieces for larger and smaller hands Flexible for all body parts and positions. Perfect handling focused work without exhaustion.Low noise and vibration calm, comfortable work atmosphere. Even more needle configurations for all body parts and unlimited creativity. Even better response to different skin types. Precise, clean punctures for exact details and intricate designs. Advanced needle cartridges hygienic, easy to exchange, safe. Needle depth adjustable with a twist of the hand piece. Perfect power supply with the Power Unit II. Developed according to medical standards **Limited edition colour** ***Motor not included***