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These are an effective and creative little solution to a well-known problem; these cups are moulded from a single piece of plastic, which also provides a tray around those cups, meaning that you don’t have to worry about spills and accidental colour mixing anymore. These are a much more secure alternative to using individual cups, easier to work with ad much harder to accidentally knock over, as well as being a more hassle free solution that the typical holders. These are supplied as packs of 80 and provide you with a selection of sizes to choose from, so you are sure to find something to suit your particular needs.

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One of the big problems with ink cups is that they usually require an ink holder in order to keep them upright, preventing spills and maintaining a clean and organised working environment. Of course if you want a solution that doesn’t involve buying cups and compatible trays for them you may be interested in the cups supplied by Cheyenne. These are not just cups, nor just trays, these are both, and offer you a fantastic and disposable selection that is sure to provide an effective and convenient product. These are moulded from a single piece of plastic, which creates space for the inks and pigments to be added directly, while also providing you with the balance and security of a tray. There are supplied as a pack of 80, and as they are developed by Cheyenne tattoo supplied you can be confident that they offer you an exceptionally high quality solution in both the design and the materials used. This uses a durable and reliable clear plastic, which means that the true colour of your inks is not contaminated in any way by the cups, and these are supplied in a selection of sizes to give you the best possible solution for your particular requirements, regardless of what those may be.