Black Widow Gold 16mm

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Black Widow are elated to present their Gold range of stainless steel grips appropriate for daily use in the tattoo studio. Containing a fully knurled body and 3 knurled rings the grip is able to stick to the hand so that unintended slips are prevented. Comfortable to clutch and easy to use so that the hands don’t tire too rapidly. Intended to meet all of your needs and expectations as an artist. The grip is robust and hardy for a long lasting and dependable finish. A must have for the practised piercer. Measures 16mm.
Black Widow are thrilled to present their new premium brand of grips known as Black Widow Gold. The grips are made from a high excellence stainless steel making sure that they are strong and resistant for a long lasting and dependable finish. Fully knurled with an all over criss cross pattern and 3 knurled rings. These are designed to give the artist a better grasp of the grip so that it does not slip from the hand whilst working. Small and comfortable to hold so that the hands don’t cramp or become tired too quickly. Screws situated on the grip are designed for securing the grip to the tattoo machine making sure that it is correctly placed. Made to the highest of standards and in agreement with European tattoo regulations. A must have for the skilled artist. Measures 16mm. Black Widow are a popular company within the UK who sell tattoo equipment. All of their products are made with the artist in mind and intended to meet your needs and expectations. They are now trying to expand their business across Europe and further afield. Barber DTS are the largest supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment in the UK. They are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are famous amongst professionals.