Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches

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Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches from Barber DTS are for use in your autoclave machine to ensure studio hygiene levels are kept at their utmost. Pouches from Black Widow come in a ranges of sizes so you can find one that is suitable for you. All you have to do is carefully insert items to be sterilised into the pouch and securely seal. There will be an indicator on the pouch showing that the item is fully sterilised and ready to use. The strong seal will ensure no rips or tears to give you and your client’s peace of mind. Once the flap/seal is folded the lengths are as followed: 90 x 200mm becomes 90 x 170mm 90 x 230mm becomes 90 x 200mm
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Barber DTS supplies a wide range of studio equipment including everything that is necessary to keep your studio healthy and hygienic. These Black Widow sterilisation pouches are for use with your autoclave machine and come in variety of sizes depending on what it is you need to sterilise. The pouches are available in 90 x 200mm and 90 x 260mm in quantities of 200 per pack. All you have to do is make sure all items are free from any residual material such as ink and are clean and dry. Then place the item(s) you wish to be sterilised into the sterilisation pouch and make sure it is sealed securely. Once you have done this, place into the autoclave However, make sure you do not over-fill or stack the pouch as this will mean it is less effective and the sterilisation will not work properly.