Black Widow Rubber Bands - Black 2.8cm

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Although a very small item, rubber bands are an essential item for any tattoo studio. They cover a range of uses and are an item any tattoo studio must have in abundance. These Black Widow rubber bands are, as you would expect black and are 2.8cm. They come in packs of 1000 from Barber DTS. There are a number of uses a tattoo artists will have for rubber bands including keeping the machine cover on the tattoo machine and also, probably the most important, keeping the right tension on the needle bar.
Black Widow Rubber Bands are available from Barber DTS in packs of 1000 and a size of 2.8cm. This is one of the most important items for a tattoo studio, they come with a multitude of uses including keeping the right tension on the tattoo machine. It is very important that you get the right tension on the needles bar as too much tension will cause the tube to wear out very quickly however, too little tension will make your work look weak which may make the lines appear weaker and fainter. It is likely you will need two rubber bands on the machine to get the optimum results, however if you are still producing weak lines then you may need to add another band to increase the tension. Every tattoo machine is different as is every tattooist, so you will need to find out what feels and works best for you. You must replace your tattoo machine rubber bands after every use to make sure they maintain the right amount of structural integrity and that cross contamination does not occur. They are also very useful for keeping your machine cover attached to the machine to avoid slippage.