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These disinfectant products from Biocleanse are truly a professional cleaning and sanitising product. Endorsed and supplied by the NHS, you can be sure that this product is truly effective at removing the potential risks from bacteria, viruses and infections. It is also effective against spores, moulds and fungi. The Biocleanse formula is non-alcohol based and also has little to no smell, meaning it is fairly odourless so there will be no unpleasant fumes to deal with in your studio environment. Independent tests have also shown that surfaces treated with Biocleanse retain their biocidal properties for up to 28 days, meaning that even once you have cleansed the area will continue to remove any contaminants.
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Teknon Biocleanse Disinfectant Wipes (200)
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It is important that you always use a specialist industry grade cleaning and disinfectant product in a tattoo studio. This is because poor hygiene can easily lead to cross contamination and puts both you and your clients at serious risk from infection, bacteria and viruses. Many cleaning and disinfectants are not capable of thoroughly breaking down and removing oils, fats and protein based materials. This means that the area beneath these contaminants on the instrument or equipment will not be thoroughly sterilised or cleaned. These types of materials are extremely common in the tattoo industry as the needles are used to penetrate skin and the machines may become clogged with debris including skin cells and blood. In addition to these organic materials, cleaning and disinfectant products also need to be able to remove ink and similar chemicals used in the tattoo process. Ensure that your surfaces are thoroughly cleansed of all these contaminants by using Biocleanse products in your studio. It is effective against a wide range of pathogenic micro-organisms. This includes bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and fungi. Biocleanse is not an alcohol based cleaning product, meaning that is non-flammable and is not classified as hazardous. It is suitable for use in the majority of applications where other harsher chemicals are not often not used.