Adjustable Storm Premium Rotary Machine in Silver

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Adjustable Storm Premium Rotary Machine in Silver
Adjustable Storm Premium Rotary Machine in Silver

The Storm Premium Adjustable Machine builds upon everything you loved about the Storm V2. This third generation Storm Premium Adjustable Rotary Machine features an exceptional Japanese Namiki Motor capable of 9000 RPM in addition to improved overall handling and performance.
This is the adjustable give version of our Storm Premium Rotary Machine, designed to deliver the feel and hit of a coil machine. Equipped with an infinite give adjustment knob, the Storm Premium Adjustable Machine can go from soft to hard-hitting in a matter of seconds.


* Premium Japanese Namiki motor: 9000RPM
* Built-in needle tensioner
* Infinite ""give"" adjustability for soft to hard hitting with the simple turn of the adjustment knob
* Improved overall performance over the Storm V2
* Both RCA and Clip Cord facility
* Aircraft-grade aluminium sleek looking frame
* Made in the USA
* Lifetime warranty on frame, one year on parts & motor