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A Pound of Flesh is the next best thing to real skin. It is some of the most natural and realistic fake skin on the tattoo market today. It is perfect for practicing tattoos on, especially in places where you possibly haven’t tattooed on before and create a great 3D portfolio once you have finished. The body part have been made from a silicone/rubber synthetic material and has been made to mimic the look and feel of tattooing on real skin. This product is ideal for both new and experienced tattoo artists. It is available as a hand or with a lower arm as well.

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A Pound of Flesh - Left Hand
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A Pound of Flesh - Right Hand
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This is a great product from tattoo apprentices to practice on. It mimics both the feel and texture of real skin to get the most realistic experience. It is also disposable should a mistake be made. It is also good for experience artists who would like to try something new or practice a new technique. It is also a great way to display your artwork once finished.

Sometimes, portfolio pictures cannot be totally representative of the work you have done and once the client leaves the studio, you may not get another chance to photograph the tattoo again. This is where a Pound of Flesh is different. You can display you artwork on the prosthetic limbs for all to see, it not only livens up the studio but also gives the client a more representative look at what your work is like.

A Pound of Flesh is available from Barber DTS as an individual hand or with the lower right or left arm attached. These pieces are great for practice work on intricate hand pieces or for sleeve work. They have been made from a silicone/rubber synthetic material which is a fantastic likeness to real skin to give you the most authentic experience possible.