A+D Ointment

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This ointment contains Vitamins A and D and can help relieve dry or itchy skin. When applied to the skin it forms a protective barrier which helps protect from and germs and any liquid. These handy sachets can be kept in a pocket or handbag so they can be used at any time and can be great for artists on the move. The ointment provides long lasting protection and can help to soothe and relieve irritated skin. This ointment is available from Barber DTS in 5g sachets. It is sold in packs of 144.

A+D Ointment is perfect for tattoo aftercare. It soothes and relieves itchiness while helping to protect the skin for and germs or liquids. It has been formulated with both vitamin A and vitamin D and provides great temporary protection. It can be used as required and will provide an instant soothing sensation which will help to calm itchiness and inflammation of the skin. A+D Ointment has 2 active ingredients including petrolatum and lanolin which it what helps to form a protective barrier. This seals out wetness and also ensure the areas is protected from any bacteria or contamination. This product is for external use only.