Ultrawave U95

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These professional grade Ultrawave ultrasonic baths are ideal for use in the tattoo studio. They can quickly and easily cleanse your instruments and equipment. Cut down on the need for tiring manual scrubbing and cleaning of items by using this handy bit of kit instead. These units from Ultrawave are made to the highest quality standards. They are supplied as a complete machine, with the complementary stainless steel basket as well as a ABS plastic lid. This is a two in one feature as it doubles up as a draining platform for the basket. It efficiently collects the excess water which may drain out whilst the items that have been cleaned dry out.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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These ultrasonic cleaning units from Ultrawave are a premium products that are designed to industry standards. They allow you to easily and effortlessly cleanse your instruments and small pieces of equipment with minimal effort. They are ideal for use in the tattoo studio as they can rapidly clean pieces and easily remove organic and chemical debris from the equipment and instruments you need on a daily basis. With your items being cleaned in as little as 15 minutes, you can be sure that once they are sterilised your items will be fit for use within the tattoo process once more. The U95 model features a 1.95l tank, meaning you will comfortably be able to fit a selection of instruments, equipment and associated accessories in one cleaning session. With an analogue timer on the side of the unit, you can simply turn it to the required time and press the Sonics button to get started. The unit is supplied as a complete item with the accompanying stainless steel basket as well as an ABS plastic lid. This unit is designed with a two in one feature, as the lid also doubles as a drip tray. It is the perfect place to stand the basket once the items are drying as it collects the excess water which may drain out.