Triple Glove Dispenser

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This is the perfect solution for any tattoo studio, giving you a wall mounted storage option that helps to clear space in your working environment and allows you to more easily organise your equipment. As this particular glove dispenser can hold up to three boxes of gloves at any one time you can either use this as a way of storing different glove materials, giving you the selection each time if you like to vary the gloves you use, or even just to store the supplies of three different artists in a shared workspace. This is a more hygienic option and of course is perfectly secure and easy to work with to give you the best possible experience.
Regardless of whether you’re looking for an effective way to keep your individual workstations tidy, or an option for organising a shared storage area this might be the ideal solution for you. The triple glove dispenser is a carefully designs and manufactured option intended to give a long lasting, convenient and hygienic way of storing your gloves. The frame fits securely to the wall, and gives you a particularly easy to use selection, the frame is then ready to use straight away and offers space for holding up to three glove boxes at any one time, this might provide a single artist with the ideal storage solution for having a selection of glove types at hand, if you’re an artist who likes to work with different glove materials for suitable jobs, or it might just provide a shared working area with an ideal way of separating each artist’s supplies. This is certain to make an attractive and long lasting addition to your studio, with the wall mounted storage option helping you to clear up space on your work surfaces while allowing you to ensure a clean and organised working environment for your staff and customers. This particular product offers a simple, attractive white design that is certain to work well against any colour scheme.