Tongue Marker

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Using a tongue marker when pierce is essential for marking the correct spot for the needle to pierce. It is used to apply ink to the tongue to accurately show where the piercing will be. It is very important to pierce the tongue in the correct place as there a number of veins in the mouth that if pierced accidentally could cause major problems. This marker has been made from surgical stainless steel and has been pre-sterilised and is ready for use straight away.
As with all piercing it is imperative that it is done correctly and by a profession to ensure no serious injuries are caused and it is carried out in a safe, clean environment. Getting your tongue pierced is no exception. It is also incredibly important that the piercing in the tongue is in the correct place otherwise you could risk hitting a vein. In order to make sure you have marked the tongue in the correct place, a tongue marker should be used. This tongue marker from Barber DTS has been designed to help you find the correct place on the tongue to pierce. It has been made from surgical stainless steel and sterilised to the highest standards.