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These informational advice pads are ideal for giving out to your customers. They are created by the experts at Tattoo Goo, meaning that you are always giving out reputable advice, alongside a product recommendation for their aftercare routines. There are separate sheets for piercing and tattoos, meaning that you are not giving our irrelevant information to your customers. By providing your clients with a sheet of aftercare information, you are leaving them with a document that they can refer back to in the future. This cuts down on the amount of phone calls and concerned customers coming into your studio.
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Tattoo Goo® Aftercare Pads-Tattoo aftercare
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Tattoo Goo® Aftercare Pads - Piercing aftercare
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These handy information sheets can be very helpful for your customers, especially if they have not had a piercing or tattoo before. Even if they are seasoned tattoo fans or have multiple piercings, it is always best to give them a reminder of the proper procedures needed for the healing process, as well as reiterating the warnings and cautions outlined in the guide. There are separate pads for tattoos and piercings so you can be sure that you are not giving your customers irrelevant advice that doesn't apply to their situation. Having the complete aftercare guide ready to give out to your clients means that you do not have to go through the hassle of writing it down each time for every customer. It also means that your customer has a document to refer back to in the future if they are unsure, as many people are likely to forget a vast amount of information if it is only given to them verbally. This means you are less likely to have customers ringing up all the time with questions as they can refer to the aftercare sheet you have provided. It also means they are more likely to have a successful healing process and a better overall experience.