Studex Ear Piercing Gun

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Studex is one the most commonly used ear piercing systems on the market. It provides a reliable alternative to needles and can pierce ears with efficiency and accuracy and provides gentle and safe piercing. The gun has a contoured handle which gives added comfort to the piercist and will allow for better accuracy and a plunger that snaps the earring through the skin in 1/10th of a second. It even automatically clasps the back onto the earring, significantly reducing discomfort. This is easy and simple to use. It is easy to use, easy to load and very easy to keep clean.

The Studex GK-DC-1 Ear Piercing Gun is a great alternative to piercing ears with a needles and is safe and efficient. The gun has a contoured handle which makes it easy to hold, it is also easy to load and operate. The gun fits in the hand comfortably and allows you a good grip. It has a spring action plunger which pushes the jewellery through the ear then securely fastens the clasp. This is done at a speed of 1/10th of a second which reduces any discomfort or pinching. This is one of the most widely used ear piercing systems in the world. It easy to use and easy to keep clean and has been designed to make ear piercing virtually pain free. It is suitable for customers of all ages including infants and can even be used on those that have sensitive ears. This equipment is not suitable for piercing on anywhere else on the body except for ear lobes and outer cartilage.