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Many clients who attempt to stretch their own piercings without any prior knowledge or experience in the process can often end up either tearing the skin, meaning that their ruined piercing then requires stitching or allowing the piercing to become dirty and infected. These issues are a common sight with customers coming into the studio after attempt to stretch their piercings without proper equipment on hand. These stainless steel stretching tapers allow you to gradually and safely increase the gauge of the piercing whilst using hygienic and sanitised items. Ensure the safety of your clients by aiding and advising them on the stretching process with these professional grade stretching tapers.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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Stretching Tapers-Tapers 10mm
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Stretching Tapers-Tapers 12mm
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These stretching tapers are available in wide variety of sizes to suit your exact needs. Formed from stainless steel, these tapers are ideal for use within the tattoo and piercing industry as they can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised for reuse in the future. Whether your client is trying to stretch their piercing themselves or need your assistance and advice, having a variety of these tapers on hand in your studio is ideal for the rising trend of stretched ear lobes. We have a total of 11 different sizes to offer you, ranging from 3mm tapers all the way up to 16mm tapers. Having a wide range of sizes means that the process can be done very gradually and minimises the risk of the flesh tearing or having excessive stretching at one point. These tapers are perfect for those wanting to increase the size of their piercing and reach a heavier gauge. Having larger gauge piercings allows you to have a wider choice of jewellery and tunnel pieces that will adapt and fit into the lobe piercings. These stretching tapers mean that you can easily allow your piercings to be increased in size with these smooth and hygienic instruments.