Sterile Water

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Sterile water is used by tattoo artists for mixing and thinning solutions in the tattoo studio. Often mixed with green soap so it is less concentrated and so that it lasts longer. Also used for cleaning needle tips when using a number of colours on a tattoo. This keeps the tip clean and prevents the mixing of colours. Remember to follow all European tattoo regulations to ensure the safety of you and your customers. Failure to do so could result in fines and the closure of your shop. Not suitable for use in autoclaves.
Sterile water is used by tattooists for mixing and thinning solutions used in the studio. It is often used for diluting green soap so that it is less concentrated and so it lasts longer. This doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the green soap and is completely acceptable. It is important to make sure that if you are diluting your green soap you only use sterile water. Never use tap water, bottled water or any other form of unsterilized water. As well as this the sterile water can also be used for cleaning ink between colours. It is a good idea to have a small amount of sterile water nearby so that the tips of your needles can be rinsed before another colour is used. This will keep the needle clean and prevent the mixing of colours. Health and safety is paramount is a tattoo studio for making sure that you and your customers are safe from cross contamination. You must follow all European tattoo ink regulations that are put in place and using sterile water will help you to do this. Failure to follow such rules could put you and your customers at risk resulting in fines and even the closure of your shop.