8 ½ x 14” Thermal Paper – Purple

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This is a reliable and durable selection for transfer paper, working perfectly alongside Thermal Copiers and Fax machines of any kind to provide a beautiful, clear stencil for transfers that won't fade. This is a high-quality paper using a four-ply system to guarantee the result, and this particular selection is a slightly longer option than the typical A4 selection, making it a more suitable product to use for larger designs. We supply this paper in sets of 100 sheets, so you can be certain you have everything you need for the task at hand.

100 sheets of genuine Spirit paper for transferring your tattoos using a thermal copier machine to allow for the best tattoo results, offering a high-quality transfer that doesn't fade. This is a fantastic, excellent standard of paper offering a four-ply structure? the master sheet, protective tissue, carbon and backing sheet, to ensure that you get fantastic, solid stencils every time. The Spirit Thermal Paper offers two sizes, this is of course the longer of the two, offering 8.5” by 14” dimensions to work with.

The paper is perfectly fine for working with any Thermal Fax machine, which means that you won’t need to worry about any compatibility or printing issues and you can concentrate on producing beautiful designs. While A4 is the more standard size selection for papers, this particular option does provide you with a slightly longer space to work on, making it a more appropriate option for larger designs.