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These dressings from Skintact are suitable for protecting the freshly completed tattoos and new piercings in your studio. They have an absorbent core, meaning that any excess liquid secreted by the wound is quickly removed and taken into the dressing so there is no chance of it seeping out of the area and contaminating the environment. These adhesive dressings mean that you no longer need to use surgical tape or extra supplies to attach the dressing to the wound for a long period of time. The adhesive used is also specially designed to be skin friendly so that there is no residue or trauma to the skin's surface.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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These Skintact sterile dressings are ideal for the management of minor wounds, grazes and cuts. They are very simple to use as they are double sided, meaning that there is no 'wrong side' to have face down. It is made up for a perforated film with an absorbent layer at the core. The porous nature of the material allows the liquid to flow into the absorbent layers at the centre of the dressing. This is wicked laterally, meaning that it will not seep through to the top of the dressing and helping to reduce the amount of time between dressing changes. These Skintact dressings are supplied in individual sterile packs, alongside boxes of 100 items. They are a low adherent dressing, meaning that they can be easily removed from the wound area without causing additional trauma to the surrounding tissue. They are very simple to use and their double sided structure means that they are ideal for patient own application to an ongoing treatment of the wound area. The superior wicking technique used by the absorbent core spreads fluid laterally and reduces dressing change frequency. These dressings help to pad, cushion and protect the wound or tattoo while it is healing.