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Ensuring that the disposal of your bio hazardous waste is done is a thorough and safe manner is vital in ensuring that your tattoo studio is continuously kept safe and hygienic for both staff and clients entering the environment. Having these specially designed Sharps Bins ensure that your needles are other items are always kept in a designated area in a safe and secure container. This helps to reduce the health and safety risks posed by contaminated items such as used needles from the tattoo process. Using disposable supplies in the tattoo studio helps to ensure that you are able to minimise the risk of cross contamination.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Sharpsbins 2.5 ltr
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Sharpsbins 5 ltr
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Sharpsbins 7 ltr
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Sharpsbins 22 ltr
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Clinical Waste Sacks 160g (200 Pack Qty)
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The disposal of items in the tattoo and piercing industry is very important and can be dangerous and not carried out in the correct manner. Any item that has come into contact with bodily fluids such as blood, plasma or mucus, must be either completely sterilised or disposed of. However they cannot be grouped in with ordinary waste bins, as this type of bio hazardous material can pose a risk to waste management staff or end up in unsafe places where they could contaminate others. Needles must always be placed into a designated sharps container or ""sharps bin"". These are always brightly coloured and labelled clearly to indicate their purpose. These are then destroyed and disposed of as a whole container by incineration. The containers are bright yellow with a red lid, clearly marked with the biohazard symbol as well as the ""contaminated sharps only"" warning. In addition to the sharps bins themselves, we also supply the clinical waste sacks in packs of 200. The Sharps Bins are available in a variety of 4 different sizes including 2.5,5, 7 and 22 litre. This range of options means you can also have a sharps bin on hand for the safe disposal of your biohazard waste and needles. The larger sharps bins means you will need to arrange for their collection and destruction less frequently.