Saline Solution

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Saline solution is a great product for use in piercing. It is perfect for cleaning the piercing site and for use in general piercing after care. It is mild enough to be able to use frequently but will also help fight against infection and keep the area clean. The solution is available in 1l bottles which are made from semi-rigid plastic which makes squeezing the bottle easier. The solution uses 0.9% sodium chloride. This is a useful item to have in your studio as it not only good for cleaning piercing but is an integral part of the first aid kit!
Saline solution is used to clean up after a piercing and can be used in the aftercare. This solution contains 0.9% sodium chloride. It is a sterile liquid that has no microbial or other substances added. It is most commonly used in wound irrigation in the healthcare sector. The solution comes in a robust bottle which has been made of semi rigid plastic. Saline solution is more commonly referred to as a sterile solution of sodium chloride. To clean the piercing, make sure your hands are clean so no dirt or debris is transferred then gently apply the solution to the area using cotton wool or a gauze swab. You should make sure the entry and exit holes of the piercing have been thoroughly cleaned and both the inside and outside edges of the jewellery. You should let the solution sit for a few minutes to make sure that any hard build up has been loosened then gently wipe away. You should then dry the area with a clean swab or cotton wool ball by patting it. You should try and avoid using any harsh chemicals or lotions until the piercing is fully healing to help avoid infection.