Bugpin Round Shader - 0.25mm - ST

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Standard Taper 2.0 ヨ 2.2mm Diameter 0.25mm/8 - Professional tattoo artists experience and work with a wide variety of different tattoo sizes and styles, and quickly come to understand the difference a needle can make from experience alone. These particular needles, the bugpins, are known for their fine, detailed results and are as such a very popular option for lining, particularly more intricate designs, however they can also make an excellent option for shading. This shader bugpin by Barber DTS is an effective and reliable option that allows the use of clear, solid shading, filling and colouring, which is particularly useful in hard shading areas of a design such as with cartoon style designs or even just smaller tattoos.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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A professional tattoo artist will encounter a wide variety of different styles of shading and colouring during their work, some are softer and some are sharper, depending on the effect that is required and the style of the tattoo design in question. These particular needles, the bugpin needles, are not only suitable for lining, but their sharper, more detailed and finer results can make them a fantastic option for clearer shading and colouring, particularly in smaller and more intricate tattoo designs. These are a popular option for designs where a clear separation between colours or ?hard shading? is needed, such as with cartoon designs, text, 3D effects and smaller tattoo designs that need to stay as clear as possible for as long as possible. These are, as you would expect of a Barber DTS product, a high quality and durable option that provides effective and efficient results. The needles are manufactured using carefully selected materials to ensure the durability and ease of use, and of course the design of the needles further ensures that they are suitable for the purpose. To ensure your absolute confidence when using our shading bugpin needles we ensure that all of the products are not only pre-soldered and sterile, but also individually packaged in sterile blister packs, to give you a no hassle experience when using the needles.