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These ring opening pliers are ideal for use in the piercing industry, as they are specially designed for opening ball closure piercing jewellery, they are extremely helpful for items of a large gauge. Available in two different sizes, they also feature non slip grooves to help you easily grip the metal components of the piercing jewellery. Produced by Pierce Artist, these piercing tools are guaranteed to be a professional standard product. Pierce Artist also specialise in training for budding piercers who want to extend or start their journey in becoming a professional in the industry. Their in depth training will help you gain an insight into the culture and history of piercing.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Ring Opening Pliers-Pliers 18cm
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Ring Opening Pliers-Pliers 15cm
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These high quality ring opening pliers are used to open ball closure rings with ease. Produced by the experts at Pierce Artist, you can be sure that these supplies are a truly professional standard. When dealing with tricky items of piercing jewellery, it is important to ensure that you always have the proper tools and instruments to handle the situations. Pierce Artist are dedicated to providing the right kind of training and education to ensure that the proper steps and processes are always carried out during both the preparation and piercing procedure. They are committed to providing the tattoo and piercing industry with quality, professional and in depth training packages to help professional advance their skills and keep up to date with the latest health and safety guidelines, as well as the rising trends in the world of piercing. Their training modules have been specially designed to help the individual gain a truly professional knowledge of the piercing technique, as well the history of the piercing industry and associated culture. These specially designed ring opening pliers are ideal for use in the piercing procedures as they have non slip grooves, especially useful for rings of a large gauge.