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Barber DTS are delighted to present the registration book by Studex. Used specifically for recording down the details of your client and for getting their consent for the piercing. The book also contains an aftercare sheet for the patient to follow during the healing stages of the piercing. Great for supporting health and safety standards in the workplace. Made to the highest of standards and designed to meet your needs and expectations. A must have for the professional artist.
The registration book by Studex is the perfect accessory for day to day use in your piercing studio. Used specifically for recording your clients details so that you have a record of information from them. The registration book contains their personal information and their consent for you to pierce them. It also highlights the procedure the client is having done and contains their aftercare information. It is important to use the book to ensure that you have some background information should something go wrong. The aftercare sheet is vital to the customer in order to make sure that they look after their piercing properly throughout the healing process. The registration book is a must have for the professional artist. Contains 100 registrations. For over four decades, the Studex name has signified trust and safety in ear piercing around the world. With over 30 offices worldwide, Studex is recognised on six continents as the world’s largest manufacturer of ear piercing studs, instruments and aftercare products.