RCA Cinchcord by Magic Moon

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This is an appealing and reliable selection for an RCA connection, providing you with a carefully manufactured and well produced option that will provide you with durable and consistent results for some time to come. This is of course a product produced by Magic Moon, which ensures the exceptional standard of production and provides you with a little more confidence in the product, which additionally provides you with not only a sleek black cord that will be sure to look the part in your studio, but a length of 1.8 metres to work with, so you can be confident that you won?t reach the end of your cord, even if you?re moving around while you work.

This particular selection of RCA cord is an excellent quality, reliable and durable selection which is sure to provide you with excellent results regardless of your machine, so long as the machine you are using is compatible with RCA connections of course. This is a cord produced by Magic Moon, a trusted and well known German supplier, so you can be confident in the effectiveness, durability and reliability of the product, which has been manufactured using the best possible resources to help ensure that it accomplished a constant and uninterrupted supply of power. This particular cord is an attractive black, which is certain to fit in nicely with your studio design and of course the cord provides you with 1.8 metres of working length, which is more than enough to work with in most studio environments, even if you?re getting up and moving around at all during the tattoo process; but not so long as to cause tangling or mess.