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Use Rapidex to make light work of all those messy and unpleasant cleaning jobs that are all part of the package with the tattoo industry. It can be very tricky and tiresome trying to remove caked on ink and blood from instruments. Use Rapidex solution to quickly and efficiently soak off the debris from your equipment and instruments with no damage to their finish. Rapidex even removes those stubborn stains and the tarnish on metal items, ensuring they will soon be restored to their pristine shine when they were new. Rapidex is used in a variety of industries where exceptional levels of cleanliness and hygiene is vital. It is the ideal pre-sterilisation cleanser.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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This is an essential product for use in the tattoo studio. Used in a variety of industries where exceptional cleaning and sterilisation is vital for health and safety. Examples of these include hospitals and medical purposes, dental surgeries, veterinary surgeries, laboratories and of course tattoo and piercing studios. Rapidex is the professional, industry grade product to ensure that your equipment and instruments are thoroughly cleansed prior to sterilisation. It is compatible with both ultrasonic and manual cleaning processes. Rapidex works quickly with no need to scrub or scour the dirt and debris away. You can use measured doses of the power to ensure that you always make the right amount of what you need, cutting down on wastage. Rapidex is also very economical and can cost from as little as five pence a litre. It is the ideal solution for removing medical and organic debris from instruments, easily shifting dried on blood and other associated matter from the tattoo process. Rapidex is also very good at removing the marks and stains left by inks and similar chemicals. It removes the tarnish from metal objects and helps restore their pristine shine. Rapidex is supplied in either 50 sachets of 28g or a bulk powder carton weighing at 2.25kg.