Protection Bag for Premium Wash Bottle (pack of 1000) 150 x 200mm

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This particular product provides you with a pack of 1000 protective bags, easy with dimensions of 150 x 200mm, which means that they provide an excellent fit for the 500ml capacity premium wash bottle. The protective bag provides you with a barrier between the bottle and the substances it may come into contact with, protecting the durability of the bottle and reducing the need for sterilisation. These are disposable bags, simply use them once then pull them off and dispose of them; this is quick, easy and effective.
Should you wish to protect your premium wash bottle against bacteria to prevent you from needing to sterilise it when working in a more sterile, high infection risk environment. These are disposable bags that simple slide over the wash bottle, and are the perfect size to work alongside the 500ml capacity premium wash bottle that we supply, and provide an effective shield against any splashes or bacteria that might otherwise have caused your bottle to require sterilisation. To ensure that you have everything you need from these we supply the protective bags as a pack of 1000, allowing you to change the bag each time you use the bottle, simply throwing away the one that was used and moving one, without any need for sterilisation and without any fuss. This is certain to help improve the length of life for your bottle, as well as providing protection against any fluids or materials that your bottle could come in contact with that might have been abrasive, corrosive or simply aesthetically damaging, such as staining the bottle with tattoo ink.