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These are an essential option for any artist, regardless of your style or the type of artist you are. When you need to use colour it is much more convenient to have a selection of colour available, and of course the size of the selection you need will depend on the type of art you need to produce. To ensure that your requirements are met regardless of what you do we supply a selection of either sixty pencils or twelve. Regardless of which set you choose you will receive the items in a secure tin, which protects the pencils, keeps them organised and makes them much easier to transport and travel with.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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The Polychromos Artists Pencils we supply are available in two variations; a smaller set featuring 12 different colours in a secure storage and transport tin. Or a much larger set, featuring 60 colours in a secure storage and transport tin, which allows you to make a selection based on your own requirements. These are a fantastic option for a wide variety of artists and provide you with exceptional quality results, giving bold and vibrant colours to work with, to ensure that you have all the shades you need for your piece. This is an essential product for any artist seeking to produce high quality, detailed works, with the 60 colour set providing anything you could possibly need for even the most intricate or realistic drawings. The tin is a particularly desirable part of the set, giving you a durable and sturdy piece of equipment with which to store or transport the pencils, which of course means that you have an effective, organised and efficient way of keeping them. This gives each pencil its own secure, fitted space, which helps to protect the pencils and prevent the damage that would otherwise occur if the tin was dropped or damaged in some manner, protecting the graphite of the pencils from cracking.