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These plastic squeeze bottles are ideal to have on hand in your tattoo studio. Available in 4 different sizes, this includes 30ml, 125ml, 300ml and 500ml bottles. All are supplied with screw on caps and agitators included in the bottle. This is very helpful when storing custom made shades of ink, as it prevents the inks and solutions from separately. It also aids thorough and complete mixing of the inks and chemicals contained in the bottle. The bottles are also semi-opaque meaning that it is easy to see how much of the product is left inside.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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Plastic Squeeze Bottle-Plastic Squeeze Bottle 300ml
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Plastic Squeeze Bottle-Plastic Squeeze Bottle 125ml
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These high quality plastic squeeze bottles are both durable and sturdy. They are easy to clean and reuse, suitable for sterilisation and harsh cleaning. These bottles can be used for ink and a variety of other liquids such as cleaning or sterilisation chemicals. Featuring a lid and an agitator, they are great for artists who regularly travel or transport their supplies as the lid keeps them secure in transit. The agitator inside also helps ensure that the ink is thoroughly mixed when shaken and prevents separation or inconsistent colour feedback in custom shades. We supply these bottles in various sizes, including 30ml, 125ml, 300ml and 500ml. These items are all delivered with screw on caps and agitators inside the bottle. The plastic that the bottles are produced from is semi-opaque, meaning that you can see how much of the contents remains in the bottle. This is very helpful when you are trying to gauge if you need to top up or refill the liquid that is contained in the bottle, especially if you are travelling and need to know if there is sufficient left. These bottles are most commonly used to store ink and can be a great solution to carrying or using awkward high volume bottles that can be both heavy and large to manoeuvre.