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If you need to use a product during the tattooing session, it is much more logical to have some dispensed into a small bottle that you can keep on your workstation. The plastic that these bottles are made from is semi-opaque. This is extremely advantageous when trying to gauge how much product is left in the container and whether there is sufficient for your tattoo session. It is also important when you are preparing your supplies and kit for travelling as a guest spot or to a convention. These plastic bottles are very useful to keep on hand.
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Plastic Squeeze Bottles-10ml (order cap and plug separately)
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Plastic Squeeze Bottles-30ml squeeze bottle (order cap and plug separately)
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Plastic Squeeze Bottles - 250ml (order cap and oilspout separately)
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These plastic squeeze bottles have endless number of uses within the tattoo studio environment. By having a number of these on hand in your studio, you are sure to have one ready when you need it. This takes the stress and time constraints out of having to make an order for these bottles or the tricky task of trying to sourcing the correct item on the high street. Add a selection of these affordable bottles on to your order and you will be sure that you'll need them sooner than you think! Available in a variety of different sizes, these bottles are supplied without a tip or cap so you can choose whether you would like a fine nib ink bottle or pump liquid bottle. The size options we have available on our site are 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 125ml, 250ml and 500ml. These types of bottles are great for dispensing ink and other liquids into, especially if they are originally supplied in large quantities. The larger bottles can be heavy and awkward to manoeuvre, so dispensing a small amount of the product into these bottles can be very helpful.