Plastic Eraser

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If seeking a general purpose, everyday use but highly effective eraser you need look no further that the Derwent plastic eraser. This provides you with a fantastic quality plastic eraser that will be certain to cleanly remove any areas of graphic or unwanted marks on the working surface. This is a good sized eraser; large enough to last but small enough to be easy to work with, and with well-defined edges and corners that give you fantastic control and crisp lines to give you the best possible results regardless of what you need. This is one of the best general purpose erasers available on the market, and certainly provides you with a cost effective option.
When it comes to finding the perfect eraser for the job you have a surprisingly wide variety of options. Of course artist erasers must be high quality, durable and reliable options that will continue to provide you with a clean and smooth way of removing unwanted marks, and that is exactly what you will get with the Derwent plastic eraser, which has been specifically developed to provide you with consistently clean erasing. This is a compact and easy to work with option, though more than large enough to last, and offers a fantastic general purpose solution to all of your general purpose eraser needs. Erasers are something artists must use on a regular basis, because everyone makes mistakes and artists need to be able to remove those errors without starting from scratch again. Derwent are an experienced and well developed supplier when it comes to meeting the needs of artists, all different types of artist. The plastic eraser is for everyday use, as it gives you the standard removal of graphite marks, with a firm, easy to work with surface with tell defined edges that will provide you with complete control of your erasing, perfect for experimenting with new highlighting techniques. Of course you can easily re-cut the edges should you need to.