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These disposable pigment cups are produced in plastic so that they can be thrown away after one use. Barber DTS make their pigment cups to the highest of standards ensuring that they meet your needs and expectations as an artist. Made in accordance with all European tattoo regulations ensuring that they are safe to use. Use pigment cups for dispensing inks and other liquids from larger quantity bottles and containers. This makes them easier to access during the tattoo process as well as preventing any risk of cross contamination between clients and harbouring bacteria or infection in the large quantity supplies.
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Pigment Cups-Minute - to fit hole 7.7mm - Sold in 1000
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Pigment Cups-Mini - to fit hole 9.3mm - Sold in 1000
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Pigment Cups-Midget - to fit hole 10.9mm - Sold in 1000
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Pigment Cups-Large - to fit hole 18.5mm - sold in 1000
33,99 € avec TVA: 40,79 €
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These pigment cups are the perfect supply for holding ink and other liquids that you may need during tattooing, such as purified water for cleaning the needle when changing colours. They are available in 7 different sizes to suit exactly what your individual needs and requirements may be. These include Miniscule, Minute, Mini, Midget, Small, Medium and Large. Ensure that you are able to fit them in your pigment cup holder by cross referencing the available sizes with the holes in your stand. A tattoo artist never puts a needle into an ink bottle as this can cause cross contamination. Each colour should have its own pigment cup and each customer should have their own set of pigment cups. The different sizes of pigment cups are suitable for holding only a small amount of ink if the tattoo does not require much of that colour or large quantities such as black ink for black and grey tattoos. Pigment cups are a must have fixture to have in any tattoo studio. Experts use them to hold ink so that needles are not put straight into the ink bottle. This is vital for maintaining health and safety standards so that cross contamination doesn’t occur.