Pigment Cup Holder

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These stainless steel pigment cup holders have been specially created for the tattoo industry as they fit a wide range of different sizes. This includes miniscule, minute, mini, small, midget, medium and large pigment cups. Whatever your tattooing style, you are sure to find a pigment cup holder that is suitable for your own individual needs. Produced in stainless steel, this range of items is suitable for intensive cleaning and sterilisation. This means you be sure that the pigment cup holder is both clean and suitable to have close by during the tattooing process. Being produced in this tough and robust material ensures that your holder will deliver exceptional performance for the foreseeable future.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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These high quality pigment cup holders have been produced from stainless steel. This ensures that they are suitable for sterilisation processes to make them hygienic and clean for use during the tattoo process. Using stainless steel also means that they are extremely durable and robust, so you can be sure that these pigment cup holders will deliver a great performance for many years to come. Their construction is also strong enough to support the weight of multiple pigment cups which may be heavy when filled with ink in preparation for a tattoo session. These pigment cup holders are available in a wide range of configurations and set ups to ensure that it is truly suitable for your preferred tattoo style. Each set up or size option can work for different tattoo techniques. For example you may need a multitude of smaller ink cups for a tattoo that has a high number of different colours but only in small sections of skin. This would be different to a large black and grey piece where you would need large pigment cups with only a few different tones of black, white or grey ink for the whole design. Having a selection of these pigment cup holders on hand in your studio will help you to achieve the desired set up that makes your life easier when completing a tattoo session.