Original True Tubes - Diamond Liner

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Original True Tubes are available from Barber DTS and come in packs of 12. This particular tube should be able to comfortably hold 3-5 needles. Having been researched by leading tattoo artists you can be sure you are getting a quality products with these diamond liners. Not only are they 100% disposable, which can save you time, True Tube has also managed to eliminate some of the more common problems experienced with plastic disposable tubes. Due to the design and strong backflow, you now be able to run your tattoo machine at its ?true? speed, meaning it will operate on a lower voltage.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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Original True Tube is a revolutionary product that could change the way you tattoo forever. Forget cleaning and scrubbing, then sterilisation in the autoclave, these tubes are 100% disposable. Tried and tested by industry professionals, True Tube has not only come up with a hygienic alternative to stainless steel tube but they have also managed to solve some of the common problems encountered when using plastic disposables. Simply use once then safely discard once you are finished using it. These tubes have been made from 304L and have been pre sterilised with E.O gas so they are ready to use straight away. With these tubes you will get a much smoother ink flow meaning your tattoo machine does not have to work as hard. It can now be used at its ?true? speed and at a lower voltage. You may also find that there is a lot less irritation caused to the clients skin which can be another problem caused by plastic tubes. These tubes also have the strongest backstem of any disposable tube available on the market today. These 05 Diamond Liners from True Tube are available in packs of 12 from Barber DTS. The 05 liner will comfortable fit between 3-5 needles.