Needle Tip Guard

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Barber DTS are please to present their needle tip guards designed for protecting groupings after the have been soldered. The rubber casing slips easily over the groupings stopping them from being bent, snapped or crushed. It is important to make sure that the needles are kept safe as soldering takes a long time and any needle used in tattooing should be of a high quality. The needle tip guard is a must have for any serious tattooist in the industry. Made to the highest of standards for a strong and resilient finish.
The needle tip guard is a tough rubber tube designed to slip over needle groupings after they have been soldered. The protective casing will keep the needles safe and prevent them from bending, snapping or crushing. Soldering a tattoo needle takes time and effort so it is important to make sure that you keep them safe. Soldering tattoo needles was once practiced by all tattoo apprentices but today it is not done as much. With pre-soldered needles available artists are able to save a lot of time. To become a truly exceptional artist though soldering your own needles is a must. The process allows you to get a feel of the tools you use and a full understanding of how they work. Barber DTS are the biggest supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment in the UK. They were founded in 2000 as Barber but merged with Davis Tattoo supply (DTS) in 2006 to give us the name we know today. Together they have grown in size and made a real name for themselves. They design and manufacture high quality equipment designed to meet all of your needs and expectations. They follow health and safety procedures and make sure that they deliver excellent customer service.