Autoclavable Wash Bottle with Spigot

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These sturdy and robust bottles from the famous Nalgene brand ensure that you have a durable bottle that you can always keep on hand on workstation. These bottles include an angled spigot or nozzle. This allows you to precisely direct the amount of solution on to the area with ease. It can also be operated with just one hand, making it ideal for use in the tattoo process when you are trying to prevent cross contamination and spread of debris and fluids such as ink or blood around all of your equipment and supplies.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Autoclavable Wash Bottle 500ml-Bottle & Spigot
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The brand of Nalgene has been synonymous with hard wearing and durable bottles for a wide variety of professional and domestic applications. This particular wash bottle is part of their lab equipment range and it suitable for sterilisation in an autoclave unit. This is ideal for use in the tattoo studio, as it ensures that the item can be kept hygienic and sterile in the environment. This bottle is sturdy and robust, meaning that the wear and tear of daily use will not affect its performance. This bottle has a capacity of 500ml, also measured as 16oz. It is made of a polypropylene copolymer (PPCO), meaning it will have degree of flex to help you dispense the product. However the plastic is tough and durable, so it will be pierced or damaged easily. The screw closure has its stem and draw tube moulded in one piece for leak-proof applications, and its angled dispensing nozzle directs the stream of liquid. The spout can be cut back to increase the flow of washing solution. This type of bottle is ideal for applying cleaning products to the freshly completed tattoo or during the session as it can be used without being in close proximity to the area. The pointed nozzle also means you can easily apply the liquid or solution exactly where you need it.