Mini Ink Mixer Rods

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Replaceable mini ink mixer rods are available at Barber DTS to replace old and worn ones. These clever little rods are attached to a hand held mixing machine, used for mixing inks directly in an ink cap. This is done in a safe, easy and mess free manner to make things as easy as possible for you. Whether you are looking for a lighter or darker shade of ink, or a completely new colour the ink mixer will help you to achieve this. We know that you won’t be disappointed with the ink mixer, a brilliant addition to any artist’s collection of tattooing accessories.
The mini ink mixer is a great addition for a tattoo artist to have, allowing you to mix ink colours directly in an ink cap. The ink mixer comes with washable ink mixer rods that can be sterilised for further use. Like everything else though the ink rods won’t last forever, which is why we have replaceable ones in packs of 5. We love the min ink mixer as it provides you with endless mixing opportunities. As an artist you will most likely already have a large collection of inks already, yet you are also likely to need a colour you don’t have. Whether this is a lighter or darker shade of what you already have or a completely different colour the mini ink mixer rods will help you to achieve it. The ink rods are 5” long, perfect for use in the ink caps without creating a mess. The ink mixer itself is battery operated and completely safe to use in the workplace. Simply attach a rod to the end of the mixer and your good to go. The rods are easily removed after you have used then and will clean up nicely for your next use.