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Baber DTS are pleased to present the mini forceps by Pierce Artist. Designed to be used with small jewellery that is difficult to grip with a larger forceps. Capable of holding 1mm to 1.2mm jewellery with grooves that stop it from slipping away and help to close small ball closure rings. Indentations can be located at the end of the forceps and these can be used for prising open small ball closure rings. Made to the highest of standards and with the artist in mind to meet all of your needs and expectations.
The mini forceps is an excellent tool to have in a piercing studio. Brilliant for everyday use making it a must have for the professional piercer. Made specifically for holding smaller pieces of jewellery (1.2mm or 1mm) that can be difficult to grip with larger forceps. They feature grooves to the inside of them used for closing small ball closure rings without the risk of them slipping. At the end of them they have small indentations used to prise open small ball close sings when changing existing jewellery. They are made to the highest of standards with the best materials available on the market. Made with the artist in mind to ensure that they are safe, strong, reliable, resilient and long lasting. These mini forceps will make a great addition to a piercing studio and will not fail to disappoint. The mini forceps are made by Pierce Artist, a company who specialise in training programmes for those wanting to learn the piercing trade. They have a number of modules available that give those interested a sound understanding of the piercing business. They also have advanced classes available for those who are already qualified but looking to learn some new skills.