Layout Pad sheets 45gsm

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The layout pad is an effective option for tattoo artists, as the thin but high quality paper, with a 45gsm and 80 sheets to work with, makes a great option for transfer work and tracing. The paper handles pencil and pen very well, which includes colour, so you are capable of getting a much wider range of high quality designs from the paper. This is available in both A4 and A3, so you can be certain that you have plenty of space to work with regardless of what you intend to do with the paper. The pad is also well produced, providing protection for the paper and any artwork you may have already produced on it, and securing the pages in place so that they can be removed without being damaged but won’t fall out.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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A layout pad provides you with a perfect option for various artist and design work, as it provides you with a perfect surface for designing your initial work and planning. These are an effective selection, give you 80 sheets to work with, each of a quality level of 45gsm, which of course means that these are fairly effective options for tattoo artists in particular, as it means that they can transfer and trace images much better than some of the alternative options, which is certainly something you will find yourself doing reasonably often if you work in the tattoo industry, and of course with 80 sheets to work with you won’t be running short any time soon. The paper might be thin, but it is good quality, giving you an acid-free and carefully produced option that will be certain to hold graphite and ink well, so regardless of whether you prefer to use a pencil or a biro you can get great results on this paper, and it will even handle colour well. Regardless of whether you’re a learning student or a successfully established tattoo artist this can be one of the most useful items in your art materials, providing you with one of the most effective surfaces on the market for the initial design work of tattoos.