Large Gold Ball

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This particular product selection is one of the many available as part of this range of stud earrings, and offers a slightly larger than typical design, with a simple but attractive option. When it comes to finding the ideal solution for your individual customers you of course need to ensure that you provide them with something attractive that they would want to wear on an everyday basis, as well as something that is going to be comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis, which you can be confident of with this particular selection thanks to the gold plating on the jewellery that makes it suitable even for those with sensitive ears. The earring design in this particular product measures approximately 5mm, with a 2mm earring post, which is slightly larger than usual to encourage the piercing to heal a little larger.
When it comes to finding the ideal jewellery selection for your customers there are no shortage of options available to choose from, so you are sure to find something to suit your customer’s particular preferences and needs, regardless of what those may be. This product selection is an attractive and simple option of piercing jewellery, which provides a basic, large gold ball design measuring 5mm. This is something that your customers are certainly going to admire and appreciate, and because this is manufactured using gold plating on the jewellery it is a more comfortable selection, particularly for everyday wear, even for customers with sensitive ears. These are an excellent piece of costume jewellery and just one of the items available from the high quality Studex range. The gold plating on the earing makes them an ideal selection of everyday wear, particularly if your customers have sensitive ears, and the earring posts with these particular selections are slightly larger than usual, measuring around 2mm, making them a fantastic option for a first pair of earrings; making the piercing heal a little larger and thus easier for your customer to work with when healed. These are supplied in individual, sterile packs and include butterfly backings to ensure that they hold securely in place.