Kuro Sumi® Soft Greywash

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Kuro Sumi Soft Greywash is used by many famous tattoo artists and is famous all over the world for its fantastic consistency and superior pigments. It is great for mixing many shades to give a great finish to a black and grey tattoo. It is especially good for portrait work and will give you a solid, long lasting colour for your designs. It is available in a 355ml/12oz or 180ml/6oz bottles from Barber DTS. Beware of imitation of this ink. Barber DTS supply the authentic ink, guaranteed.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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Kuro Sumi Soft Greywash 180ml/6oz
19,49 € avec TVA: 23,39 €
Kuro Sumi Soft Greywash 360ml/12oz
28,30 € avec TVA: 33,96 €
Kuro Sumi Soft Greywash is a traditional style Japanese tattoo ink which is used by thousands of artists all over the world. Made in Japan, this ink is available from Barber in 12oz/355ml or 180ml/6oz bottles. It is a great all round ink perfect for both shading and outlining. It is perfect for soft delicate piece that require light shading. It is a versatile ink that will be a great addition to any artists ink collection. The ink has a fantastic consistency and goes into the skin smoothly and evenly with a long lasting finish. It is great for mixing with other inks to get the exact shade you need. Please be aware there are a number of replica inks that are available from Chine. This ink from Barber DTS is authentic Kuro Sumi ink.