IV Cannula No Port / No Wings x 100

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These needles are available in a selection of three different sizes, with each providing its own benefits with regards to the size of the piercing. As you would expect of a medically developed piercing needle this has been designed to ensure the safest and most comfortable possible result for the subject, which means that there is no additional opening, so the risk of infection can be greatly reduced, and the contact area is reduced. The piercing process is also smoother and easier, thanks to the design of the needle which has been developed specifically to ensure smooth entry even to the awkward and contoured areas of the body. These are supplied in packs of 100, and as you would expect of a product supplied by Barber DTS they are provided as sterile, disposable options to further ensure safety and cleanliness.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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16G IV Cannula No Port / No Wings x 100 Grey
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These needles are an excellent option for a wide variety of piercings, with a selection of size options available to ensure that you get the right size for the jewellery in question. There are a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to finding the right needle, this is a particularly good option for preventing infection and offering a cleaner, smoother piercing experience, thanks to the careful design of the needles. These are available in a more standard form, with an outside diameter of 1.7mm to provide the perfect shape for 1.2mm jewellery. There is also a 14g option, with an orange body (to make it easy to distinguish against the others), with an outside diameter of 2.1mm to provide the perfect fit for 1.6mm jewellery, the final option is an 18g needles, with a green body. These are a particularly good option for creating a piercing where no extra opening is permitted, which helps to limit the chance of an infection. The symmetrical design allows easier entry at contoured surfaces, for a smoother and more comfortable piercing experience even in more awkward areas. This needle not only provides a smaller opening to reduce infection, but a minimum area of contact with the body to further reduce chances of infection or irritation. These are all colour coded according to size, making them easier to identify and are supplied as disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic options.