Intenze Soft Orange

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This particular shade of Intenze soft orange is an attractive and reliable option that provides a long lasting, bold shade of softer, lighter orange. This is a fantastic choice for a wide variety of designs and provides you with an attractive colour, either for using on its own alongside a broad selection of other colours, or for blending with other colours. This ink is manufactured using the longest lasting ink pigment in the world, which certainly contributes to the popularity of the brand. This is available in both 1oz and 4oz bottles and like all inks supplied by us at Barber DTS we ensure that these arrive in the best possible condition by never freezing our inks and sterilizing them all before shipping, so you can have confidence that everything you order is clean, fresh and safe.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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When seeking a softer shade of orange this may be the ideal option, the colour is still vibrant and bold but has a much stronger yellow tint than the hard orange, which helps it to appear softer, a little cooler and less fierce. This is an ideal option for a wide variety of your tattoo designs and offers a long lasting, attractive shade of orange that is certain to produce brilliant results. This is available in both 1oz and 4oz ink bottles, so you have access to as much ink as you may need for the designs you are aiming to complete using this colour, and of course you have the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials in the process. The ink is part of the Intenze complete range of colours, which means that it is manufactured to the same standards, using a specifically designed and scientifically formulated pigment that provides the best possible long lasting quality of ink. This isn?t just a durable ink, it is tried, tested and trusted by professional tattoo artists all around the world as the longest lasting pigment ink currently available on the market. To further improve the quality of the ink we at Barber DTS ensure that all of the inks we supply are never frozen at any stage of production and are sterilized before delivery. This gives you complete confidence that all of the inks you order as clean, fresh and safe.