Intenze Hunter Green

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Hunter green is a dark and natural shade of green that provides an attractive colour to be used in a wide variety of designs, regardless of style, size or complexity. The ink is available in the two most popular sizes, so you are certain to have access to everything you need, and of course this gives you the opportunity to reduce costs and waste materials as much as possible. As with all of the inks we supply we at Barber DTS aim to improve the quality of our products as much as possible, in doing so we ensure that the inks are all sterilized before delivery and are never frozen, this is so that you can be confident everything you receive is clean, fresh and safe.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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This is an attractive shade of dark hunter green that can be used in a wide variety of designs, either in outlining finer details of a lighter design, as one of the deep filling colours of a darker design or even blended in a selection of other colours as part of a more vibrant or even more natural design. The colour is flexible with regards to how it can be used and provides you with the opportunity to be as creative as you choose, while offering a long lasting and strong colour that can be relied upon time after time to provide excellent results. These inks are high quality options available as part of the Intenze complete range of colours, which of course includes this particular ink which provides an attractive and vibrant addition to any tattoo design. The ink is available in the two most popular sizes, 1oz and 4oz, so you have access to as much ink as you need regardless of the size or number of tattoos you are planning to produce with the ink, and of course this also gives you the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials as much as possible, which is important in any industry. These inks are among the most popular with professional tattoo artists around the world, not only because of their amazing quality but because they are the longest lasting pigment inks in the world; and have been thoroughly tried and tested, and are now trusted by more professional artists than any other ink.