Intenze Gold Light Brown

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This shade of light brown offers a natural and attractive colour that can work fantastically well when incorporated into a wide variety of your tattoo designs, regardless of how big or complex they may be. This is of course part of the Intenze Gold Label range, which means it is one of the premium ink options produced by Intenze inks and offers a richer, more reliable colour and a longer lasting ink. This is not only brilliantly durable on the skin; lasting and retaining the high quality of the colour longer on the skin than any other ink, but it is also one of the few that is sterilized without the use of radiation, using a new method that allows the ink to remain sterile in the bottle for up to a year.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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This ink is part of the Intenze Gold Label, which means that it is one of the premium inks supplied by Intenze and offers a selection of benefits alongside those you would see in the standard Intenze inks. While the colour offers a strong, light brown which is certain to offer a natural and reliable solution to your needs this is longer lasting and even easier to use than the standard colours, giving you the fantastic light tan colour in a smooth, even application that will remain on the skin for years to come. This is available in a 1oz ink bottle; providing you with everything you need for the typical tattoo design as well as offering easy transportation; perfect for an artist on the move. This ink is, like all Intenze tattoo inks, an incredibly high quality and reliable option. The colour is not only long lasting on the skin, but the ink is also long lasting in the bottle, which helps to contribute to the amazing popularity of the ink with professional tattoo artists around the world. While all Intenze inks are sterilized the Gold Label inks are done so through the use of an advanced, scientifically formulated pigment rather than the traditional gamma ray, which means that it can still be considered completely sterile after as much as a year in the bottle.