Intenze Dark Brown

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This is a soft but dark shade of brown that provides an excellent colour option for a wide variety of designs, thanks to the softer but still dark nature of the colour which makes it suitable for filling any size area of a design regardless of style or type of design it may be incorporated into. This has a slightly redder hint to the colour, which prevents it from appearing too dull in colourful designs, but of course doesn’t take anything away from the natural shade of dark brown, so it is still a fantastic shade to use with a variety of other designs. This is available in a selection of sizes, not only so that you have access to everything you need but also to give you the opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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The Intenze range of tattoo inks includes a wide variety of colours, just one of which is this particular shade of dark brown which provides an excellent choice for a wide variety of tattoo designs, regardless of whether you’re looking for something that will provide an excellent addition to a large design as a small detail, or something that can be used to fill a larger area of a design without drawing attention away from the finer details. This is available in a selection of sizes to ensure that you have everything you need to accomplish the design you’re planning to produce, regardless of how big that may be or how many there may be. It also provides you with an excellent opportunity to reduce your costs and waste materials as much as possible by buying larger or smaller amounts of ink as and when they may be needed. The real benefit of the Intenze inks complete range of colours is the long lasting nature of the pigment; this is a scientifically formulated ink which is tested from manufacture to application to ensure it provides the longest lasting colour on the skin of any ink in the world. As a result this is also one of the most popular tattoo ink ranges among professional tattoo artists all around the planet.