Ink-It - Pack of 3

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Ink It skin is a form of prosthetic skin used by artist to work on their skills. The skin will help you to improve on your line work, shading, colour work and blending. We supply Ink It skin in packs of 3, providing you with 6 sides of skin to practice your skills on. As well as helping you with your techniques the skin will also help you to strengthen your hand, boost your confidence and make you familiarise yourself with your tattoo machine. A superb accessory to have as an artist, as a beginner or professional.
As an artist it’s important to constantly improve upon the skills that you already have regardless of whether or not you are a beginner or professional. We supply Ink It skin in packs of 3, which are designed to help you do just that. With each sheet of skin having 2 sides that can be tattooed on, you have 6 opportunities to work on your techniques and show off your work. The kit contains 3 sheets of skin measuring 6” X 6” and a strap for holding the skin in place around a part of the body. Once the sheet of skin is in place you can begin to work on your line work, shading, colour work and blending, all of which are important skills to have as an artist. On top of this you will boost your confidence, become familiar with your tattoo machine and strengthen your hand. The Ink It skin acts like real skin would, giving you a feel of what it is like to tattoo on a person. The skin will absorb the ink permanently, and if any mistakes are made you don’t have to worry about it being on a person’s body.