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These plastic bottles are ideal to keep in your tattoo studio as you cannot always know when they may need one. If you regularly mix your own shades of ink, this can be a superb supply to have in the workspace as you can easily store your new shades and tones. Keeping them free from contaminates is also vital, which can be tricky if the ink is kept in small ink caps that do not have proper secure lids or caps. These bottles are supplied with protective nozzle caps with help to keep the ink sterile and hygienic for use. They also help to ensure that the ink is protected from contaminates such as bacteria, germs, infection along with general dirt and grime.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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These high quality plastic bottles are both durable and sturdy. They are easy to clean and reuse, suitable for sterilisation and harsh cleaning. These bottles can be used for ink and a variety of other liquids such as cleaning or sterilisation chemicals and even ordinary soap. Keeping these easy accessible and handy at all times makes your studio much more like to remain clean and hygienic. These ink bottles feature a protective nozzle cap. This is a great benefit, as it allows the bottles to be sealed. Preventing leakage and spillage when they are use in the studio is good, but more useful when the bottles are in transit and may not always be kept fully upright. The nozzles prevent the tip of the bottle from becoming bent or block, which could impede ink flow. Keeping the bottles airtight with help from the nozzles is also a good plan as it means that the ink inside will not dry out, remaining fully usable. This is ideal if you are likely to use this custom made shade of ink in the future. You may also need it for this particular design you have been working on if it needs touching up or is part of a larger design that needs multiple sessions.