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Barber DTS are pleased to present Haemo –Sol, an all-purpose, no scrub detergent. Intended to clean instruments making sure that they are free from dirt and grime before being sterilised. This is important form preventing cross contamination and meeting health and safety regulations. The solution can be used to clean instruments manually, through soaking or in an ultrasonic machine. Made to the highest of standards to meet your needs and expectations. A must have for the professional.

Haemo – Sol is an all-purpose no scrub detergent that is used by professional tattooists and piercers on a daily basis. It can be used by soaking instruments in the detergent and then rinsing it off or it can be used in Ultrasonic cleaners. It contains an anionic surfactant to lower the surface tension between the liquid and the instruments. To use manually instruments can be submerged in the mixed solution and wiped over with a cloth. For an ultrasonic the solution is simply placed in the machine and the instruments submerged, the machine should run for several minutes before they are removed. Haemo –Sol is important for making sure that instruments are clean before they are sterilised. This is vital for ensuring health and safety standards are met in the workplace. A must have for the professional artist. Haemo –Sol were founded in 1965 and have since been trusted by customers for their high quality, no scrub and residue free detergents. All of their detergents are designed to remove dirt, dust, biofilm and many other organic materials. They are highly effective in what they do and their products are used in a number of professions including laboratories and food processing settings.