Grommets Doughnut Black

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When it comes to working with tattoo machines there is almost always a need for grommets, which help to cushion and connect the needle bar to the tattoo machine armature bar, creating an effective, durable and reliable hold on the two components to provide a better and more precise tattooing experience, however these don’t last forever and you may tend to find that you use a lot of them; which is why we offer this pack of simple black doughnut grommets as a pack of 100; giving you more than enough to continue working for a considerable time. Just place the grommet through the needle bar loop then attach to the armature bar and you’re ready to go.
When in need of the right tattoo supplies for your particular requirements there are a number of options available to you, and of course most tattoo supplies offer not just a variety of brands and types, but sizes, colours, designs and materials. With such a wide variety of products to choose from you are certain to find something that suits your particular needs, even if you‘re looking for something very simple, like these basis black rubber doughnut grommets. These have been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure that they provide you with an option that is durable and effective, as well as something that is easy to work with, as of course these are something you will use on a regular basis and are often subjected to more heavy duty use. This particular selection of grommets provides you with a pack of 100 pierces, all of which use a simple black doughnut design. While these are durable compared to some of the alternatives they do have to be replaced on a reasonably regular basis; but this is very easy to do. Simply place the grommet into the loop of the needle bar and then attach to the armature bar, once this is done you’re ready to go. The grommet helps by cushioning and holding the two, which allows for a more comfortable and precise tattooing experience.